Baby proofing your house

This one is less of a standard home improvement post, but still very important for parents with young children! You want your family to be safe.

If you are still fortunate to have a baby that isn’t old enough to be on the move yet (I say fortunate in regards to baby proofing!), then you may not be too worried about baby proofing yet. Don’t worry that will change as soon as that baby of yours is getting around the house on all fours. No matter what they always seem to find some new way of getting themselves into danger! You can’t permanently restrict their freedom as that can affect their development and you obvioulsy cannot stand there watching over them all day!

Reducing the risks:


  • If you have an open fireplace you need a secure fireguard, even any heater can be dangerous so make sure you have a means of restricting your childs movement around a heating device.
  • Kitchen’s are a no-go zone make sure to fit baby gates around the entrances to your kitchen, you do not want your child getting too close to the oven while it is on.


  • Make sure you have safety gates on the top and bottom of any staircases in your house, and accross the doorway to the room you want to keep them out of. Make sure these gates are securley fitted.
  • Fix locks onto your windows if they are lacking them, keep things that they can climb on away from the windows so they cannot access them
  • If you have an upstairs area with bannisters make sure that none of the gaps are large enough for your child to squeeze through, fit netting or boards if it is necessary.

Cuts and bumps:

  • Fit corner protectors to any sharp corners of furniture or any other sharp corners around the hosue.
  • Any freestanding units need to be secured to the wall so that the child can not accidently pull it over on top of themselves.


  • Make sure any products you have around your house that could be poisionous to ingest are out of reach, or locked away. Most products have a form of child safety lock on it but better safe than sorry.


  • This is an obvious one but if you have a pool, or garden pond or any open water it needs to be fenced off completely and have no possible way for them to enter without supervision.

These are just a few things you can do around the house to try and improve it in terms of safety for your child, obvioulst there is no way you can completely baby-proof a house and they will always find new ways to suprise you! There will always be some risks its just important that you monitor them, and teach your child how to be safe as they grow up.


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