Which floor type is best for your house?

You could argue that floors are the most important part of your house, the most used and the most and abused surface in the house. Floors can also be the most beautiful aspect of your house, imagine walking into a beautiful mansion and the floor is dirt. It would be shocking! Seriously though a well-designed floor space will transform your house and the options are almost limitless, you can go with floorboards, tiles or carpet but the difference of styles in each medium can be staggering. Each flooring type has its own appeal and practical uses.

Pro’s and cons of each

Personally, I am a fan of floorboards and carpets, tiles have their place as well but it is all personal opinion in the long run. Floorboards are great, they are visually appealing and they are hardy. They will take years of punishment from a family and even when they start to wear out they still hold visual appeal, they can be managed with a nice coat of sealant or varnish making maintenance on them a breeze. Some negatives for floorboards could be when they start to get damaged if not properly maintained they could potentially cause splinters or sores to your feet, obviously you would not let it get to that stage though. Floorboards are fairly easy to clean too requiring a sweep and a mop, this is very similar to tiles in that aspect however depending on the colour of your tiles I feel that mess shows up more prominently on tiles compared to floorboards, if you are a bit of a lazy cleaner like me I feel you can get away with it on floorboards more than you can on tiles.

Tiles for me are way too cold on your feet, they do however insulate your house better than floorboards and can trap heat in your house much more efficiently. In terms of comfort level of your floor, a nice carpet is hard to surpass. Walking home and taking your shoes off, running your toes through the fibres of your nice soft carpet can be great! Carpets have the downside of cleaning is a little more difficult overall, obviously you can just take to your floor with a vacuum cleaner and that will be sufficient for the most part. Any spills or messes on your carpet can be a nightmare, getting stains out of a carpet can be difficult (I’m looking at you former housemate who vomited on our carpet after a drunken night). You can buy your own carpet cleaning chemicals but sometimes it is better off to hire a professional carpet cleaner, I guess that is a major downside of carpet, the maintenance costs will be higher than that of other floor typings.

Floorboards overall are probably the most versatile of the floor typing, you can have floorboards through your entire house and it would be fine. Carpet cannot be layed throughout the whole house imagine having carpet in your kitchen. Tiles also cannot be throughout your whole house, tiles in your bedroom etc would just feel odd.

Finally, cost, carpet is the most affordable floor typing as you can get a wide variety of quality however like I said earlier carpeting your entire house isn’t practical. Tiles are the most expensive option with floorboards coming somewhere in between.

This has been just a general musing about floor types and how I feel about each one, I hope it was interesting and informative.


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